Travel itinerary

This trip, made in October (and a few days in November) started from Tromso and ended in... Tromso..
In the end, renting a vehicle on the spot to cross the islands and returning it to another rental agency than the one at the start implies the payment of a surcharge, the amount of which is significant...
So why not book this amount to add extra nights of accommodation and extend the length of stay ? This was the choice that was made... and fortunately ! because the weather during the return journey was much more lenient !
In addition, retracing your steps allows you to return to the places appreciated during the outward journey.
Of course, the route was : Tromso - Pointe des Iles Lofoten (A) and back.

Choice of the time of year to visit the Lofoten Islands

Two solutions are possible
- Autumn
The temperatures are milder but the sky is often overcast (observation on the spot)
- Spring
The temperatures are a little harsher but maybe the sky would have been more lenient...
During these two favorable periods, the days, albeit short, allow you to visit these beautiful islands under a glow worthy of a beautiful sunset.